A stone’s throw from Downtown; Capitol Hill is a “foodies paradise” and offers the perfect vibe for those who want more of a nightlife.
Central District segways from urban to suburban within a few blocks giving residents the option of living that quieter lifestyle but close enough to enjoy the occasional outing.


Diverse, eclectic, transition, established... for both those who love their nightlife and those who prefer the quiet as well in between


Everything you need with a stones throw


2.1 miles


Bus, Link, Light Rail



Area Highlights

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The History of Central District & Capitol Hill

The Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle is part of a long ridge that overlooks the downtown. In 1872, the pioneers cleared a wagon road through the forest to a cemetery at its peak (later named Lake View Cemetery). It was logged off in the 1880s. James Moore (1861-1929), Capitol Hill’s chief developer, gave the hill its name in 1901. Before that it was called Broadway Hill. Capitol Hill is a vibrant community, with a thriving business district along Broadway Avenue and along 15th and 19th avenues.

The Central Area of Seattle lies midway between the Central Business District and Lake Washington and is the city’s oldest surviving residential area. Sometimes known as the Central District (CD), it is bounded by East Madison on the north, Jackson Street on the south, 12th Avenue on the west and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way on the east.

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