Queen Anne & Magnolia

Queen Anne has two distinct identities. Lower Queen Anne is blocks off of downtown, inhabits much of the urban feel and mainly consists of condos. Upper Queen Anne, while still close to downtown has a much stronger suburban feel with winding tree-lined streets as well as the added bonus of cafes, restaurants and shopping with some amazing views of Seattle. Magnolia is really the quintessential suburban neighborhood. It might have an urban zip code but it’s quiet and understated with views of Puget Sound that are spectacular!

Liveability: Great for those wanting more of the quiet suburban life but close to Downtown, or live in lower QA to stay close to all the action

Amenities: Plenty of options on the hill or Magnolia, Lower QA right outside your door

Commute to Downtown: 3.3 miles

Transit Options: buses 1, 2, 3, 13

Walker Score: 77

The History of Queen Anne & Magnolia

The community of Queen Anne is one of Seattle’s oldest residential neighborhoods. Pioneer settler Thomas Mercer first called the forested, water-lapped district Eden Hill. By the mid-1880s, the growing suburb had acquired the name Queen Anne Town in reference to its showy domestic architecture. The character of this thoroughly urban neighborhood today is the result of several key influences, both physical and human. Natural features have both encouraged and restrained the development of Queen Anne over time. Waterways at the base of the hill virtually assured adjacent industrial growth from an early date.

Magnolia neighborhood is a peninsula situated at the northern entrance to Elliott Bay, is home to pairs of nesting eagles as well as 20,000 human residents (in 2001) dependent upon bridges to gain access to the rest of the city. Magnolia consists of two hills once blanketed by forests and separated by a natural meadow. The area’s development started in 1853 with a dreamer’s vision of a transcontinental railroad, which arrived four decades later.

Queen Anne & Magnolia Market Snapshot

 3/2020 compared to 3/2019

Active Listings: 138 


Median Sales prices: $839k 


Pending Listings: 83 


Days on Market: 27


Sold Listings: 96 


Interest Rates: 3.49%


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