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Selling Your Home?

If you’re thinking about selling your home and want to know more. As your neighborhood expert there are many factors to consider when readying your house to sell.

You may be asking what is my house worth in today’s market? How do I find this out? My neighbor just sold their’s for $x amount of dollars can I get the same or more? When is the best time to sell if getting top dollar is my goal? How do I make my house stand out from the others and what will all this cost me?
Selling is timing & pricing, strategy & marketing and above all knowledge of the process!

Timing & Price:
To start, getting an accurate analysis of your home based off an CMA (comparative market analysis) along with appraised value will tell us the best time and price point to list.

Homeowner tends to see their home through rose colored glasses, it’s my job to give an accurate assessment based solely off of market key points. Sellers can have strong feelings when it comes to their home and while I understand that for you this home has many special memories and you may believe it’s worth more. A good market analysis is truly neutral and will help to ensure that you get it sold and at the right price point. There’s nothing worse than an over-priced house that chases the market down, you lose your position of strength.

Strategy & Marketing:
Once your house is accurately priced, our next step will be to get it ready for the market. Staging is critical, whether it’s using your own furnishings or bringing in a staging company. People for the most part lack imagination so if getting top dollar is important, then staging is a must.

Marketing is crucial as well, from using a professional photographer & videographer, to the creation of the brochures, hosting open houses and the use of SEO in reaching out to buyers through social media and other Real Estate platforms, it ensures your property is getting in front of every potential interested buyer.

Knowledge of the Process:
Now that you’re on the market, the real work begins. Being a certified negotiations expert the most important part starts once we receive an offer or offers. You are trusting me to negotiate the best offer that keeps you protected, getting you top dollar and gets you to the closing table with the least amount of drama. In order for this to happen, strong communication is a must! From talking with the buyer’s lender and agent to title & escrow, staying in front of them to move the process along or address any issues that arise immediately so it won’t delay closing. I’ll keep you informed of all interactions and deadlines and provide counsel as needed. I stand with you start to finish

Buying a Home?

If you’re wanting to know more about the buying process. It’s important to me as your agent that you have the best experience through every phase of the buying process and be excited but stress free when it comes time to move into your new home.

Where to begin?
There is one important piece that I have my clients start with before we view any properties and that is getting your lending in place. There is nothing worse than finding the house of your dreams first, only to discover that you can’t afford it. It’s a heartbreak that I avoid by setting my clients up for success at the start. There are several great options for lenders and we can discuss these more once we connect, at which time I will also share the steps to expect in working with a lender and potential documents needed.

Creating the perfect home:
Knowing what your affordable price range turns out to be, will help us to create the road map. It will be a blend of what neighborhoods you prefer vs. which you can actually afford, the type of housing that appeals to you whether that be single family, townhouse or condominium. As well as size, 2 bedrooms or 3, 1 bath or 2, finished out basement or not, upgraded or fixer upper, large yard or none, newer build or old….the options are plentiful. I’ll help you navigate the choices by asking you the right questions.

Time to View:
When we have a clear picture it’s time to start looking, together we’ll decide the properties that fit the criteria, set our appointments, view the houses and narrow down our list. Sometimes you’ll know as soon as you step into your first house and sometimes it might take a while to find that one that speaks to you that says “I’m home”. Once you find it, now it’s time write up our offer.

As a certified negotiations expert, I’ll help craft the right offer based off my interactions with the listing agent, listening for what’s most important to the seller and then sitting down with you to design the strongest offer that keeps you protected while putting your best foot forward. Once your offer is accepted, my job will be to ensure that all timelines are met. Communication is key, I continue to connect with your lender, escrow/title and listing agent for the seller and above all You. Consistent regular updates are essential, I am available for your questions and concerns. I see myself as not only your agent but point of reference for any and all questions relating to real estate. You should feel heard, this is your largest investment and you want someone you know is in your corner.

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“We were so lucky to find Laura! She has a deep knowledge of the neighborhoods in Seattle and worked closely with us to find properties that matched our vision. We changed strategies a couple of times after we realized that what we said we wanted wasn’t actually what we wanted, having seen properties that matched those qualifications perfectly. Laura was super flexible and patient with us through this process and we ended up finding a property only after a few weeks of working together. We also appreciated Laura’s empathy with us as first-time homebuyers and all of the anxiety and second-guessing that comes with the process. We’d highly recommend working with Laura!”
-Sahar B.

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